This was SAS Insurance Technology’s first website.1 World Travel Insurance – The most comprehensive travel insurance site on the web. Using Microsoft Frontpage we built this simple site, to sell travel medical insurance to foriegn IT workers, coming to the US in the dot com boom of the late 90’s. We were averaging about 60 sold applications per month in less than a year, with about $2000 in earned commissions. By the following year we were up to 5 travel insurance websites and selling 120 applications per month. This site was and still is all about pure search engine placement. What is funny about this site is that it is highly neglected, and we still get about 60 travel insurance applications per month. I would also like to thank Bill Atkins and Mike Droll of Multinational Underwriters for helping us with this unique venture. From this 1 Travel Insurance site we saw the “Light” of internet insurance sales and understood it’s potential and what the future holds. What is incredible is that every single insurance agent has this same potential. With little or NO effort any licensed insurance agent can make online sales, anytime, anywhere. SAS has created the whole package, and our plans and product portfolio will continue to grow with our partner agents.