This is the Meat and Potatoes | Agent Links Here you will see every product a new agent can have for their website, FREE. An agent can put these links anywhere they want (ie. Agent site, Association Site, Web Portal, Chamber Site, Newspaper Site, messageboards, etc.) and earn a full commission. We are adding new products monthly and the reporting only gets better. EVERY AGENT SHOULD HAVE OUR LINKS! Why? Even if an agent does not have a website, we can give them this page “ | Agent Links” to use for walk-in customers, email campaigns, or as a reference tool. This is the “Power Tool” every agent needs. Instant Insurance and informed decisions, this is why the insurance internet will only work with insurance agents. The “Information Superhighway” has the word information in their for a reason, people look to it for information first, solutions second. The agent is, and always will be the “Information” SAS will provide the “Superhighway”.