Whew!テつ what a year.テつ If you noticed

my news and events page we

have been very busy.テつ 2003 was a Huge year SAS doubled in size.テつ We

have also been building new products.テつ You have got to check this out

http://www.basichealthinsurance.com , this plan is perfect for insurance

agents and the web.テつ It is a Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plan, and

it’s cheap.テつ With health care costs skyrocketing and uninsured numbers

rising, the market is ripe for an awesome plan like this.

Groups, associations, individuals, or anyone

can buy this program. It pays consumers cash back for going to the doctors

office.テつ This plan accomplishes 2 things.

  1. puts health care expenditures in front of theinsured, giving people an idea of the cost of medical care

  2. gives low income and the uninsured a healthcare plan at a low low cost.

Helping us get Basic Health Insurance Kicked

was President George Bush himself in his State of the Union…テつ I Quote I

ask you to give lower-income Americans a refundable tax credit that would allow

millions to buy their own basic health insurance. (Applause.)”

It is going to be a

Great Year!