We sold 130+ Jefferson Term Life Applications in our first month.テつ Not bad, but we can do


Our dad’s career began selling life insurance in 1967, door to door. I think

he sold 4 applications in his first month of business.テつ I also think two of

those sales were to his mother, our grandmother.テつ He was raised in the “Old School” life insurance system, where applications we taken on paper, and you did not have a policy for several weeks.

“Welcome to the New School”テつ Applications are completed online, policies are instantly approved and delivered electronically.テつ What previously took 3 weeks now takes seconds.

Jefferson National Life Insurance Company – Simple Term: is the most

revolutionary product on the market today. Where else can you provide a quote, application, and online e-signature within minutes. 100% commission paid weekly. 3 Simple ways to sell: Online SAS system, Login into Jefferson National and complete online application, or the easy faxable application. Up to $250,000 of coverage.

By the way, we still pay agents full commissions.(100% first years premium)

There still is some “Old School” left in us.

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Dan Kennedy later became a “GREAT” life insurance salesman making the

Million Dollar Round Table Annually for 12 plus years.