This is the latest addition to the SASid online product library. Powered by our new “QuoteIntelligence” system. Fairmont Specialty Group Simple Short Term Medical – FSG Simple STM

This is the most state of the art health insurance system available anywhere. With live data, including all quotes, sales, commissions and conversion ratios, available to brokers instantly. The QuoteIntelligence system will only get better, as we add more products to it, to introduce cross selling and up-selling opportunities to member brokers.

SASid has 3 additional products in the works for the coming year. We will help agents cross sell by offering smart tools to up-sell/cross-sell to customers via our Agent Back Office system.

For example if you get 100 quotes in a month for Short term medical and only sell 7 applications, you now have complete demographic information on these 100 quotes. After you log into our Agent Back Office system, you will have the opportunity to turn on the “child cross sell widget” This patent pending tool in development will automatically send follow up emails to your customer base that has quoted STM with children. Set the frequency and the text of the follow-up emails and which products you want to offer them. If you select a SASid QuoteIntelligence product as your follow up product it will include a completed quote, and a link to the application.

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