>> Customer Feedback

The words simple, affordable and convenient come to mind. This product really stands up to its name. We are confident that our consumers agree. Did you know that we review every customer and post results? Here is a recent review:

Reviewed by Jennifer on 12-16-2006

“I must say that it is a simple, easy insurance. All the benefits are spelled out very clearly and if I needed this type of insurance again I would certainly come to you for coverage. I did use this for a doctors visit and there were no problems. I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

It is important for us to constantly make improvements where necessary. Getting reviews provides us with great feedback.

>> NEW – Industry Specific Websites for better ROI

Check out our newest template http://www.graduatecare.com/. A link can be created for you upon request. It is no secret that the graduate health insurance market is big. Why not have a graduate-specific product to convert those prospects more often? Let’s make 2007 a great year for selling short term medical!

Here is a link for the most recent brochure and applications.