Workplace wellness is one of the best decisions SASid, Inc. has made. We are invested health and well-being of our employees.  At least 25 percent of the healthcare costs incurred by working adults are attributed to modifiable health risks such as poor diet and lack of exercise.  Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace are the only way to have healthier employees and ultimately increase presenteeism, increase productivity and reduce stress which ultimately allows us to provide World Class Customer Service to our clients.

The health of our employees is essential to your business. As an employer, it’s our job to help keep our employees healthy as possible.  We incorporate different health awareness elements into our employee’s routines. Research into Health and Wellness in the Workplace shows that by reducing just one health risk factor you can increase a person’s productivity on the job by 9 percent and reduce absenteeism by 2 percent.

Some of the wellness components that we have initiated are:

  • We have chosen a health plan for our employees that places focus on preventive care. This may include regular checkups, cancer screenings, health and wellness education and weight loss programs.
  • Implemented a Companywide walking program through the American Heart Association.  The walking competition was a 30 day program with prizes awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Employees were each given a pedometer donated by our Company health plan.  Scheduled walks occurred during employee break time and each member tracked their daily steps with a goal of 10,000 steps daily per employee. After the 30 days an announcement was made of the winners of the competition which just reflects that we “walk the talk” where wellness is concerned.

First Place-Lynette Lund284,304 steps

Second Place-Sharon Abney247,755 steps

Third Place-Patty Arrequin201,947

  • Provide work fitness equipment for employee use in our large conference room
  • Post signage with wellness tips
  • We have “theme” days where healthy luncheons are promoted such as Salad Bars where each employee brings in a healthy ingredient to create a healthy menu of salad selections

To summarize, the concept of promoting workplace wellness is increasingly relevant and supports the future success of our business as well as our partners. We at SASid, Inc. want to ensure a dynamic balance between customer expectations and organizational targets.

Onward march!