GTL – Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Life Company

Who we are, what we offer:

There are a lot of life and A&H insurance companies in America. 1,620, at last count. So it's not hard to find an insurance company to talk to when you're ready to talk insurance.

What is hard is finding the right company. And that's where we come in.

Not the biggest -- but one of the best:

We're certainly not the biggest company out there. But we're definitely one of the best. You might even say we wrote the book. Right now, we have more than 1.2 million insured’s and over $2 billion life insurance in force. Five distinct product categories that provide everything from life insurance to long-term health care and special risk coverage’s, such as K-12, college, and athletic insurance programs. And more than $180 million in rock-solid assets to back it up. If you were to use words like "unique", "versatile", and "flexible" (and yes, "mid-sized") to describe us, you'd be right on the money.

Since we were founded in 1936, we've benefited from the ongoing direction of the Holson family -- father to son to grandson. Not surprisingly, this consistent top-level leadership and management continuity give us a clear view of who we are and where we're going.

What we believe in:

We've made our business grow by doing things right for the past sixty years. We're small enough to get things done quickly, big enough to make things happen. And although each of our divisions sells different lines of coverage and uses different methods of distribution, we share a common belief in the basics.

For example, we believe in listening. We believe in being flexible, too. But we know our limits. We won't mislead you by telling you we can do something when we know we can't. And when we do tell you we can do something, you can be very, very sure we'll deliver the goods.

We believe that our variety of products and services can fill your specific insurance needs to help you get the best overall coverage from your insurance.

Finally, we believe that good people make a good insurance company. And we think our people are the best. We have an experienced, aggressive management group. And nearly half our staff members have been with us at least five years (in fact, over 25% have been here ten years or more). This exceptional record of tenure means most of us are knowledgeable about the way our company works -- not just a little corner of it.

And it means that when you call us, the person on our end of the phone will be able to listen more intelligently, respond more effectively, and take care of your needs and concerns more quickly and efficiently. It's a great way to do business.

About the "s" word:

When we talk about service, we're talking about the real thing. We appreciate and respect our customers, and we take their concerns seriously. That's why we go to great lengths to eliminate customer dissatisfaction, and why we make sure our Customer Service staff members are well-versed on all the issues that are important to policyholders.

It's also why everybody in the company, from our president on down, regularly participates in our ongoing Quality Customer Service Training program.

Because we pay such close attention to customers' needs and wishes, we're able to significantly reduce customer dissatisfaction caused by miscommunication -- or just plain thoughtlessness. But just to be sure we're all doing our jobs right, we regularly ask our customers to rate us on how we're doing and what we could do better. Mostly, they tell us they're very happy with us and our service. But when something's the matter, our customers are not shy -- they tell us what's wrong, in no uncertain terms. And we listen. Then we take steps to fix the problem.

GTL Financial Information

Researching your options in a stable insurance industry
The insurance industry as a whole is strong, profitable, and committed to protecting policyowners. Generally, the industry is stable and has invested policyowners' funds conservatively.

In order to ensure that an insurance company is financially sound, you must examine several areas. This means that you should know how to assess an insurer's financial status.

How to measure an insurance company's strength

Assets & Liabilities: A fundamental way to assess a company's financial strength is to examine its assets and liabilities. As of December 31, 2005, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company had:

  • $216 million in invested assets.
  • $204 million in total liabilities.
  • $122 million in total reserve for life policies and contracts, and accident & health policies.
  • $36 million in net surplus.

Solid Strategy: At Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, we have always followed a conservative investment philosophy, as shown in our December 31, 2005 annual statement:

  • 95% of the bonds we hold were designated "Highest Quality" (Class 1) or "High Quality" (Class 2) by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
  • 9% of invested assets were held in cash or short-term investments.
  • Our $14.8 million portfolio in common and preferred stock made up only 7% of our investments.
  • Our investment values are backed by a special $2.5 million fund called the Asset Reserve Value (ARV) to protect against changes in market values.
  • There have been no significant changes in our investment practices since the end of the year 2005.

AM Best Rating:

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL) of Glenview, IL
GTL is rated B+ (Good)
by AM Best Company
-- The fifth-highest of 15 possible ratings --