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Andy Murray

VP of Strategic Partnerships

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For over twenty-five years SASid has  innovated and evolved proprietary insurance marketing and
administration software. Today we offer the most efficient, user-friendly tools to help our partnerships (Insurance Companies, Brokers, Associations) thrive.

Customer Experience

Customer ExperienceInsurance Marketplaces

SASid creates interfaces that allow customers to easily quote, enroll, E-sign, and instantly fulfill their insurance product. This comprehensive approach makes it simple to use for brokers and customers alike. The following are the types of white-label marketplaces that we offer:

Customer Experience

Single-Product Insurance Marketplaces

Great for direct-to-consumer online/phone sales and allow customers/brokers to easily quote, compare and enroll in 1-2 products from a single insurance carrier.

Customer Experience

Multi-Product Marketplaces

Extremely flexible, and allow customers to shop for a wider scope of products from a variety of insurance companies, all in a intuitive shopping cart experience.

Customer Experience

Employer Group Marketplaces

Allow for an employer to set up specific products that their employees can choose from in a shopping cart experience.

24/7 Customer Service Center24/7 Customer Service Center

Our online white-labeled customer service platform lets members pay their premium, view documents (ID Cards, certificates, etc.), and view communications from insurance company partnerships.

Fulfillment • ID Cards • Certificates • Customer Service • Billing Tools

Administration & Reporting

Billing AdministrationBilling Administration

Our administration tools allow for quick access, efficienct automation, and many useful services, including:

Individual Billing • Credit Card, EFT, Paper Billling • Consolidate Products • Group Billing • Account Management •  Notes & updates • Historical Transactions • Realtime Auditing

Agent ManagementAgent Management

Avoid paperwork or manually adding agents to systems. With our platform, you can onboard agents in minutes! Increase your agent distribution partnerships and continue to grow with this powerful tool. Get access to online contracting, dynamic agent marketplaces, and agent recruitment links. Other features include:

E-signature Agent Contracts • Hierarchies • Commissions • Agent Insurance Marketplace Links


Our platform allows for historical sales records along with live at a glance analytics to help power your sales team. View payment details including Processing Status, Declines, Cancellations, Terminations, and Fulfillment Status. See status for active policies and a commissions snapshot as well.

Premium & Retention Data • Customer Data • Agent Data • Market Analysis Data

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SASid Logo

Insurance can be complex and confusing; at SASid our passion is to combat this notion. Smart and Simple Insurance Development builds, markets, and administrates niche health and supplemental insurance products and systems which help people, by making insurance simple to understand and smart to have.

About SASid

25 Years Pioneering Insurtech

Over the past 25 years, SASid has developed insurance technologies to make the process of distributing and administering insurance products simple to understand, enroll, sell, fulfill and administrate using smart technology.

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