SASid Means Success Culture

Purpose: To sincerely help people with insurance.
Progress: To make progress in life = Happiness, Health, Relationships, and Work.
Innovation: Comes from everyone and everywhere.

The culture at SASid (or SAS as many call it internally) and its people are what set us apart from other companies. We pride ourselves on having a fun, friendly team and creating a workplace that makes working at SAS enjoyable for everyone. Here are just a few of the perks of working at SASid: 


Our Home – The Carriage Works

As a company of tools and systems largely focused on technology, we pride ourselves on being modern.  However, our home is a 140-year-old Carriage manufacturing facility.  We moved here in 2016 and have grown to occupy two floors and over 20,000 square feet.  We like an open concept and for our co-workers to all interact.   Just be sure to look both ways when crossing a hallway as there are always scooters and hoverboards going by.


Business Values

SASid’s business values are built into the very name of our company. Smart and Simple insurance development. Our values are building insurance products that are smart to have and simple to understand, quote, and purchase. We do this by only offering quality products, and having a sincere, no-pressure product support team. All our employees are trained to help customers find a solution that meets their needs. If you don’t believe us here, check out our reviews. We love helping people make insurance simple to understand and smart to have, and that makes us feel pretty great about our jobs at the end of the day.


Dress Code

One of the intangible perks of working at SAS is the dress code. While there are days that require a little ironing and black slacks, the norm at SASid is a more casual look. Team members are welcome to dress it up or keep it simple with a zip up and jeans. The relaxed environment is one that sounds like a start-up, but really SASid has been around for 15 years and continues to grow every year. We just enjoy a down-to-earth feel.



SASid prides itself on its people. We hire people who are determined, positive, and energetic and we strive for an atmosphere that encourages growth and opportunity for every single person. We are a tight-knit group of people in a fast-growing company with strong leadership, that even keeps a focus on family. Our employees make SAS the innovator that it is. Everyone who works at SASid is compensated, recognized and rewarded based on individual and company results. Those rewards include our last notable perk of SAS….


Summer barbecues, comfy clothes Fridays, volunteer opportunities, Furry Fridays (Bring your dog to work day), cook-outs, cook-offs, the annual United Way kickball tournament, an annual golf outing, and all-company parties – even an annual holiday party, where employees can bring their whole family. We love to get together, not only to work, but also to have fun and enjoy everyone’s company. (Pssst! Check out pictures on our Facebook page!)


Interested in becoming a part of the SASid team? Check out our current job openings here.

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