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Deductible Supplement Insurance



Year after year, many employers have consistently increased the deductibles (and out of pocket cost) of their group health insurance plans to maintain affordable coverage. Employees/Employers now have the option to upgrade coverage on a voluntary or employer paid basis. Some of the highlights of the Deductible Supplement plans:

  • Combining a Deductible Supplement plan and a High Deductible health insurance plan can save Employer/Employee money
  • No health questions or underwriting to qualify – Guaranteed Issue
  • Maternity is covered the same as any other illness (group product only)
  • No pre-existing condition limitation or waiting periods (group product only)
  • Indemnity benefits are paid regardless of any other health insurance plan
  • Can supplement a Health Savings Account qualified plan
  • Online, phone, or census enrollment capabilities




Core Health Insurance provides Guaranteed Acceptance coverage for your basic medical needs, helping to provide a medical option for people who do not have the luxury of being covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.




Good dental hygiene plays an important role in the health of your entire body. Many studies have shown a link between poor dental health and serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Take a step towards whole body health with Core Dental Insurance, forIndividuals and Families.

Product Description:

The Core Dental Insurance plans can provide coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental expenses with the dentist of your choice. Also, most plans include additional benefits like vision, hearing, orthodontia, teeth whitening, Dental Rewards®, and more.

  • Preventive Dental Benefits: Routine exams, bitewings, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and more.
  • Basic Dental Benefits: Full mouth X-rays, amalgam restoration (silver fillings), simple extractions and more.
  • Major Dental Benefits (on Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans): Onlays, maxillary partial denture, resin base, denture repair, surgical removal of teeth, deep sedation/general anesthesia, endodontics,  root canal, periodontal scaling and root planing, crown and crown repairs, pontics, porcelain fused to noble metal, and more.
  • Orthodontia Benefits (on Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans): A benefit available to dependent children of the plan.

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