Partner Success:

As a licensed agent for over 16 years and having worked with dozens of marketing firms and product promotion organizations, I would like to congratulate SASid on its agent friendly approach to dealing with agent concerns. I would like to congratulate SASid on its agent friendly approach to dealing with agent concerns and problems that have come up as a result of dealing with “the public”. Every SASid employee I have contacted or dealt with has always been helpful and gone out of their way to, not only answer my questions, but to deal with the occasional unsatisfiable customer. I have found that the SASid product line is superior to other companies offerings, and allows me to present and sell life and health insurance products easily. One of the best features about selling SASid products is the fact that all applications are paperless and done online. I can promote, present, sell, enroll, and accept premium payments thru the SASid provided website. This allows me to work from my office or home, barefoot and comfortable! It also saves me lots of time and hundreds of dollars at the gas pump. 100% of my sales are done over the phone. I have found that my SASid sales are less stressful and require much less after issue customer attention than I had been accustomed to, with other companies.  Oh, and the best thing.  The generous commissions are always paid on time and without any hassles.— Jim

The customer and agent support at SASid/Core Health has been great. The results in both increased volume and retention speak for themselves. Keep up the good work!— Brad


As of Monday, March 16th, We have directed our employees to work from home until further notice. As a result of our preparation, our staff will be able to assist our customers with the highest level of standards. As of March 17, we have fully transitioned to work from home and are able to practice social distancing.

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