Affinity Partnerships

SASid has emerged as one of the leading providers for developing, marketing, and administrating unique insurance plans for affinity groups; representing millions of members nationwide.


The Smart Insurance Marketplace for Affinity Partnerships.  Learn more.

Smart Insurance Marketplace Affinity



  • By providing simple to understand exclusive or discounted insurance products which members need.
  • We are an active partner which invests resources to promote, educate, and help members with the products.
  • Professionally licensed call center dedicated to helping members with their insurance needs.
  • Transparency builds Trust. We provide our partners with 24/7 access to data to understand the progress of the programs.
  • There’s more… please contact us for details. We want to help YOU and your Members.

Are you a affinity partner interested in building exclusive or discounted member insurance benefits which create lasting & profitable relationships?

Who we partner with:

  • Associations looking to add value to membership
  • Financial Institutions
    • Bank
    • Credit Union
  • Buyers Cooperatives
  • Chamber of Commerces
  • National Clubs
  • Alumni or Fraternal groups
  • Big Brands with regional or national reach with customers/clients.

Some Existing Affinity Programs:

ASCAP Core Health Insurance

ASCAP Core Health Insurance

REALTORS® Dental Insurance

REALTORS® Dental Insurance