About Us

Insurance can be complex and confusing; at SASid our passion is to combat this notion. In fact, our name is an acronym for “Smart and Simple insurance development” and we work hard to live up to it.

Smart And Simple

Our mission is to build, market, and administrate niche health and supplemental insurance products and systems which help people; to create insurance products and technologies which are simple to understand, quote, purchase and smart to have.


  • Simple: Build Insurance products and systems to be simple to market, understand, administrate, and purchase
  • Smart:  Build insurance products which are smart to have and deliver results (ROI, conversion)

Located in 20,000 sq ft of the Recently Restored Historical Carriage Works Building in Downtown Janesville.   A 150-Year-old Cream City Brick building.

SASid Success Culture: Our mindset at work


Help people – be sincere and helpful to everyone. You will enjoy your job if you can help others and make a difference in their hour/day/life.


The key to happiness is Progress. Progress in relationships, health, skills, and work.


Innovation must come from everyone everywhere. It is not just the IT department which creates innovation at SASid; all employees need to be thought leaders and innovate their job to create efficiencies and progress.

Need more? We are primarily focused on the following:

For Insurance Carriers:

In the last 20 years we have been building and evolving our insurance software so that we could provide the most effective and simple tools to manage our clients. It is so good that carriers have noticed. In 2013, we started licensing the tools to insurance carriers. Today it has become our primary focus.

For Broker Partners

Building the best health and life insurance products which help people and generate consistent revenue.

  • Smart Insurance Marketplace for; Brokers, Affinity Partnerships, and Employer Groups.
  • Our exclusively designed insurance portfolio is always evolving based on consumer/broker needs. Check out sasidplans.com for the latest products and information.
  • SASid Partner Login (Back Office System) which provides transparency reporting to partners.
For Affinity Partners

Building exclusive health and life insurance plans for Affinity groups which add member value:

Low cost. Incredibly efficient. Simple to understand, quote, & purchase. Smart to have.

SASid is looking for fun people to make insurance simple and smart.

We hire people who are determined, positive, and energetic. We strive for an atmosphere that encourages growth and opportunity for every single person.Click the link below to learn more about opportunities at SASid:

“Changing my career to SASid vs my last job was like going from a flip phone to an iPhone X!”

Call Us.

Main SASid (Brokers, Affinity, & Carrier Partners):  608.756.2290

Billing/Customer Service: 1.800.279.2290

Insurance Customer Claims:  1.800.279.2290