SASid API & Integration Solutions is

  • We have hundreds of integrations through
    many partnerships since 2009.
  • SASid API’s
    • Quoting
    • Enrollment
    • Eligibility
    • Association Member Eligibility
  • Broker eligibility
  • Batch feeds (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Single sign-on
  • And Much More, we can do it…

Our mission is to make it simple for our partners to transact insurance.  We do this by creating smart technologies and strategies so that you can offer our products within your marketplace(s) seamlessly.

API = Application Programming Interface.

APIs allow our products to fit into existing marketplaces. We provide code so that you can access our system to generate rates, eligibility requirements, enrollment, and sometimes payment solutions.

For example, a distribution partner of ours has its own insurance shopping marketplace. They are accessing an existing product API where they can display rates/enrollment within their existing marketplace.

The customer (end-user) never leaves their insurance shopping experience providing them with control.

We are integrating with existing and new partnerships consistently within the insurance industry.
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