Affinity Partnerships

SASid has emerged as one of the leading providers for developing, marketing, and administrating valuable insurance plans for affinity groups representing millions of members nationwide. We do this by providing exclusive or discounted insurance products which members need, all in one shopping cart insurance marketplace.

What SASid Can Do for Your Organization:


SASid is an active partner which invests resources to promote, educate, and help members with the products and have a professionally licensed call center dedicated to helping members with their insurance needs. Transparency builds Trust and SASid provides our partners with 24/7 access to data to understand the progress of the programs.

    Are you an affinity partner interested in building exclusive or discounted member insurance benefits?

    Who’s a Good Match?

    • Associations looking to add value to membership
    • Financial Institutions (Such as Banks & Credit Unions)
    • Buyers Cooperatives
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • National Clubs
    • Alumni or Fraternal Groups
    • Big Brands with regional or national reach with customers/clients

    Examples of Key Affinity Partnerships:


    Proud Partner of the NAR

    SASid is a proud partner in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ REALTOR Benefits® Program. We’re pleased to say that we’ve been a trusted partner since 2009, creating and administering REALTORS® Insurance Place and offering multiple exclusive products to NAR members.

    • ACA Major Medical
    • Short Term Medical Insurance
    • REALTORS® Dental Insurance
    • REALTORS® Vision Insurance
    • REALTORS® Life Insurance
    • REALTORS® Telehealth


    Helping AARP Members with Vision Insurance

    Through our strategic partnership with Eyemed, we have the great privilege to help AARP members access member vision plans. 

    NBA Alumni Association

    • ACA Major Medical
    • Temporary Health
    • Dental, Vision & More

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