For 20+ years SASid has been developing insurance technologies to make the process of distributing and administering insurance products both simple and smart. Our Mission is to help make insurance simple to understand, enroll, sell, fulfil, and administrate using smart technology to provide smart products. Our ever evolving technology is cloud based and work from home (WFH) ready.

Insurance Technology from End to End

Front End


Single Platform    Multi-Platform   Employer Group

Quote → Enroll → E-Signature → Fulfillment

Customer Service Center 24/7

  • Access Benefits
    • ID Cards
    • Certificates
    • Enrollment Forms
  • Customer Service
  • Billing Tools

Back End
And Reporting


  • Individual
  • Group
  • Customer Service & Fulfillment

Agent Management

  • Agent Onboarding
  • Hierarchies
  • Commission
  • Agent Marketplace

Reporting 24/7

  • Premium & Retention
  • Customer Data
  • Agent Data
  • Marketing Analysis Data/Tools
  • Gamification Tools

Insurance Marketplaces

Single Product
Insurance Marketplace

An effective and proven model for selling and distributing insurance programs. Allows customers/brokers to quote, compare, enroll, and receive fulfillment documents within minutes (electronically).  Great for direct to consumer online/phone sales.

  • Design is typically for a one insurance company offering with 1-2 products (multiple plan options).
  • Dynamic design elements featured per partner – images, colors, fonts, logos, and more.
  • Mobile, tablet, and/or desktop functionality
  • Track marketing campaigns (email, website, social, more)
  • Broker eligibility functions and dynamic display
  • Eligibility rules and standards
  • Compliance rules and standards
  • Email, text, or share quote tools
  • Many design templates ready
  • Automated billing functions
  • Broker hierarchy capabilities
  • List billing for groups (employer paid or voluntary)
  • API functionalities
Example Partner: www.individual.eyemed.com

Multi-Product Insurance Marketplace

An extremely flexible insurance marketplace with the ability to shop multiple insurance companies and products.  Consumers/brokers can simply compare products and add selecting to a single shopping cart for enrollment. These SASid automations speed up the entire quote, enrollment, and fulfillment process to within minutes.


  • Unlimited insurance companies, products, and plans shared in a shopping cart experience
  • Dynamic design elements per customized tracking partner – logos, images, and more
  • Marketing campaign
  • Group enrollments (employer paid or voluntary)
  • Compliance rules and standards
  • Email, text, or share quote tools
  • Broker hierarchy capabilities
  • Great for helping clients with benefit packages

Example Partner: www.SmartandSimple.com

Employer Group Solution

Studies show that employees are interested in a wider array of benefits. Our employer marketplace makes it simple to add/delete products. Group insurance marketplace can be set up for voluntary, employer paid, or defined contribution. We provide a shopping cart experience for employees to quote/enroll their insurance benefits to best fit their needs. Great tool for the new ICHRA strategy.

  • Paperless online quote and enrollment
  • Direct to consumer billing
  • List billing to employer
  • Consolidated billing
  • Ability to integrate census updates
  • Defined contribution (set a $ amount and let the EE’s spend it on benefits)
  • Set up marketplace(s) for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and/or retirees

Customer Service Center 24/7

Easy and Convienient

We make it simple for members to access and manage their benefits. Our white-labeled customer service platform lets members pay their premium, view documents (ID Cards, certificates, etc.), and view communications from insurance company partnerships.


ID Cards




SASiap = Smart & Simple Insurance Administration Platform

Want to be the Most Efficient
Insurance Administrator?

We make insurance administration ridiculously fast & simple for our partnerships. SASiap is a cloud-based insurance administration software which performs smart billing, customer service, commissions, agent management, reporting and more. Also, in today’s world it’s work-from-home ready …

Laptop Displaying Ameritas website

Billing Administration

Smart automations and quick access to accounts create amazing efficiency.

  • Individual Billing
  • Credit card, EFT, Paper Bill
  • Consolidate products
  • Group Billing
  • Account Management
  • Notes & updates
  • Documents = Fullfillment
  • Historical Transactions
  • Realtime Auditing

Commission Administration:

A system with various payout structure options like fees, percentages, or both that offer reporting in real time. Built to handle unlimited hierarchy levels with weekly or monthly payment cycle options.

Agent Management Tools

Onboard Agents in Minutes

No more paperwork or manually adding agents to systems. With our platform, you can onboard agents in minutes! Increase your agent distribution partnerships and continue to grow with this powerful tool. Get access to online contracting, dynamic agent marketplaces, and agent recruitment links.

E-Signature Agent Contracts



Agent Insurance Marketplace Links

Reporting 24/7 Tools

Powerful Sales Analytics Available 24/7

Our platform allows for historical sales records along with live at a glance analytics to help power your sales team. View payment details including Processing Status, Declines, Cancellations, Terminations, and Fulfillment Status. See status for active policies and a commissions snapshot as well

Premium and Retention Data

Customer Data

Agent Data

Marketing Analysis Data

Gamification Tools

Gamification: is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.

    1. Consumer experiences

        • Timelines
        • Reviews

    2. Distribution

          •  Live leaderboards (rankings)
          • Achievements and badges
          •  Kudos Reviews (ratings)

    20+ Years Proven Results

    In 2020, SASiap produced Over 4 Million Transactions

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