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Insurance Marketplace Platforms

SASid Insurance Marketplace Platforms are designed to make it simple and fast for consumers to quote, compare, understand, enroll, and receive product fulfillment.  Smart tools, automation, eligibility verification, and compliance standards are incorporated to make the complicated seem easy.  We work with insurance companies, associations, and large distributions channels to create online insurance marketplaces which convert.  Once a product is built into the insurance marketplace platform there are unlimited ways which our partnerships can distribute and market their products (direct, through downlines, and other).

Single Product
Insurance Marketplace

An effective and proven model for selling and distributing insurance programs. Allows customers/brokers to quote, compare, enroll, and receive fulfillment documents within minutes (electronically).  Great for direct to consumer online/phone sales.


  • This marketplace design is typically for a one insurance company product offering with 1-2 products (multiple plan options).
  • Many dynamic design element features per partner – images, colors, fonts, logos, and more.
  • Mobile, tablet, and/or desktop functionality
  • Track marketing campaigns (email, website, social, more)
  • Broker eligibility functions and dynamic display
  • Eligibility rules and standards
  • Compliance rules and standards
  • Email, text, or share quote tools
  • Many design templates ready
  • Automated billing functions
  • Broker hierarchy capabilities
  • List billing for groups (employer paid or voluntary)
  • API functionalities
Example Partner:

Multi-Product Insurance Marketplace

An extremely flexible insurance marketplace with the ability to shop multiple insurance companies and products.  Consumers/brokers can simply compare products and add selected to a single shopping cart for enrollment.  Enrollment is a one of a kind dynamic application process.  These SASid automations speed up the entire quote, enrollment, and fulfillment process to within minutes for many products.


  • Unlimited insurance companies, products, and plans can be shared with a shopping cart experience
  • Many dynamic design elements per partner – logos, images, and more
  • Track marketing campaign


  • Great for group enrollments (employer paid or voluntary)
  • Compliance rules and standards
  • Email, text, or share quote tools
  • Broker hierarchy capabilities
  • Great for helping clients with benefit packages

Have your own online insurance Products/Marketplace? We can help.

We work with many national online brokers where they have created online quote and enrollment capabilities.

We make it simple for partners to batch feed and/or API enrollment data to SASid for eligibility processing, billing, fulfillment, etc.

Simply Mobile

Mobile optimization is the process of adjusting your website content to ensure that visitors that access the site from mobile devices have an experience customized to their device. Optimized content flows easily between desktop and mobile devices to provide the user with an outstanding experience.

Your Products and Brand

We develop the online marketplace(s) and tools where your products will convert. Dynamic changes to update look, agent information, and more.

Consolidated Fulfillment and Billing

Combine products and cross-sell within one system to simplify the experience for your customers.  Retention rates will increase with consolidating billing, enrollment, fulfillment, and more.

Increase Conversion Rates

Our back office platform collects information and status so agents/companies can follow up on incomplete applications and quotes.  Automated emails and tools which allow easy access to previous quotes to increase conversion.

Data Analytics

Track agent performance in the back office platform. See commissions, conversions, customer information and more all on the 24/7 agent back office cloud based platform in real time.

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