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The most selfless thing you can do for your loved ones in case of
a future without you. In the event of your death a tax free payout
is provided to help cover expenses like, paying off debt and final expenses, groceries and family living expenses, funeral and death costs, paying mortgage or rent and a temporary replacement of income.

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No Medical Questions
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No Urine Testing
No Long Enrollment Process
No Waiting for Coverage
No Massive Premiums

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Coverage As Soon As Tomorrow

Its fast and simple to understand, just choose your coverage amount and enroll. As long as you pay the premium, you’re covered for the duration of the policy. You may renew your policy every 5 years up to age 80. For many people, term life insurance is a simple, affordable way to safeguard the financial health of loved ones if something happens.

How Do The Payouts Work?

100% benefit amount if your death is the result of an accident, in any year. You also have the option to convert this term life policy into a whole life policy up to age 70.



If a death is to occur in the first year the benefit payout is 120% of all premiums paid.


If a death is to occur in the second year, the benefit payout is 20% of the full amount.


If a death is to occur within or after the third year, the payout is the full benefit amount.

We are proud to say that Simple Term Life Insurance is underwritten by Lifeshield National Insurance Co. Since 2001, LifeShield National Insurance Co. has held a rating of B++ (Good) for financial strength by AM Best Company.

Simple Term Life Insurance is administered by, a licensed third party administrator serving all 50 states. 100% of their insurance administration, technology, and customer service is provided here, in the USA.Focused on education, retention, and efficiency, InsuranceTPA provides unparalleled billing and claims service, and will always be ready to help you and your family.

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