SASIAP means SaaS

SASid’s unique a la carte insurance administration software system the “Smart and Simple Insurance Administration Platform” (SASIAP) has allowed us to build, administrate, and private label insurance programs easily with many insurance carriers.  SASIAP is our proprietary web based SaaS insurance billing administration platform that is built to administrate many thousands of lives incredibly efficiently.

What does it mean to be SaaS?

SaaS means “Software as a Service”. We are a SaaS individual insurance administration platform. Developing private label sales & administration systems for insurance companies. SASid and have built a SaaS administration platform for insurance companies and large associations. As innovators of insurance products, marketplace(s), administration, and marketing we are helping insurance companies, associations, and brokers succeed and thrive in today’s insurance delivery environment through proprietary technology. Since 1997 SASid and have had millions of customer interactions and enrolled over 800,000 individual products through our systems. We have built our system and evolved ways to manage insurance policy sales and delivery over the internet or telephone. We make it simple and smart. Following is a summary of services in which we can help you with your needs: The Smart Marketplace is based on members demographics, group need, and product availability. We have currently have developed and administrate the following insurance products for our partner insurance companies and associations.

Our Insurance Administration Software:

  • Automated Individual Billing Software
  • Group Billing System
  • Single Product Quoting System
  • Multiple Product Quoting and Shopping Cart 
  • Online Insurance Application
  • Group Quoting Software
  • Online Agent Contracting
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Group Self Service Portal
  • PCI & HIPAA Compliant
  • API access
  • Agent Commission System
  • Online Fullfillment


    Products Administrated by our Software :

    • Association Member Health Insurance Exchange
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Temporary Health Insurance
    • Accident Medical Insurance
    • GAP deductible insurance
    • Limited Indemnity Medical Insurance
    • Prescription Insurance
    • Medicare Insurance options
    • Life Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Accident Insurance
    • Property and Casualty Lines

    Why work with SASid:

    • SASid’s solutions are extremely efficient, therefore our programs are more competitive than others.
    • Licensed in every state as an insurance producer.
    • Licensed/bonded administrator in every state (though our sister company –
    • Trust is created through transparency – The SASid system provides real-time online transparency web access to data for its partners.
    • Extremely low insurance complaints/cancellations per program.  This is due to SASid’s strategy of “Do the right thing, always” approach to designing, marketing, and administering programs.
    • Track record of long-term relationships with current partners.