In August of 2000 we went from another insurance web marketer to the 2nd largest Short Term Medical Insurance Producer in the US in 6 months. Using Fortis as our platform Click Here we began niche marketing Short term health insurance nationwide. We soon found out that 90% of the insurance business comes from 10 states, and quickly got licensed in each of those states.

We are now licensed in all 50 states and DC, and are still the 2nd largest Short Term Medical producer in the US for Fortis and the Largest producer of Short Term Health for Chesapeake Life Insurance. SAS, Inc built the Chesapeake insurance web sales platform, based on our knowledge of the Short Term Insurance Industry. You can see an overview of that platform here We added so many more features and reporting to this system than was included w/ Fortis. It also helps that the commissions are paid daily, agents love to get paid fast. (Although our commissions were changed to monthly because we got sick of getting 20+ checks every day)

We also for fun had each sale SMS’ed to our cell phones and soon found out that there is only 1 noise in the world that you don’t mind hearing in the middle of your backswing. It is the sound of your phone going off because you just made an insurance sale while GOLFING. Today our Phones are much more high tech click here and we get on average 1 notification almost every 2 minutes, of every day 24/7! Everyone knows about our phones and they think this is funny, it has become ritual on the golf course that every time they go off, we have to high five everyone else and yell “Yeah Baby”.