Many people have asked us this question and I always disliked answering them with ‘Shawn And Shannon’ or ‘Shannon And Shawn’ (depending on who you were talking to). In 1997, Shawn and I had a concept (along with many others) of selling insurance without the hassle of applications and underwriting. Back then it was a hobby, today a virtual insurance company closing in on 100,000 policies written online.

SAS is not about Shawn and Shannon, never has been, and never will be. That is why, from this day forward, the answer will be SAS stands for Smart and Simple insurance development. This defines what we are and the mission of whom we continue to be.

We make our online products Simple for our consumers to quote, understand, and purchase. As an agent, SAS is Simple to work with, to understand, and to market.

Smart is what happens when the client doesn’t qualify for the product. Smart recommends other products, ideas, and solutions to the consumer. Smart is concerned about the ROI on every eyeball that hits the website, quote, or application. Smart creates good solid results.

Here at SASid, the development never stops and is always focused on more simple and smarter solutions for consumer, agent, and company.