Lately, a number of articles have been published that outline new ways to offer benefits, ways to improve enrollment, and how to get more participation in benefit programs. They all have great tips, and smart tactics for great results. But there’s one thing we noticed: Benefit Credits already integrates of these great suggestions, showing just how ahead of the game this Employee Benefits system is. Let us show you in our series: Benefit Credits: Ahead of the Game.


Part One: One Plan Doesn’t Fit All

one size doesn't fit allEmployee Benefits can be difficult to figure out, especially when you’re the one trying to find the right plan for everyone. For groups with less than 50 employees*, there is a better way, and we’ve got it. Our marketplace allows employers to give an “allowance” of Benefit Credits to each employee to spend on their health insurance and on their voluntary benefits. By not offering a group plan and giving this allowance, employees can individually choose where to shop and what to buy according to their own budget.

More than that, now employees who qualify for subsidies can take advantage of them. When an employee has access to a group plan, they are disqualified from receiving a subsidy. With Benefit Credits, employers can offer a benefit to employees and allow them to receive assistance if they qualify.


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*Groups over 100 in 2015 and over 50 in 2016 will be required to offer a group plan.