We allow users to come back to their information at any time, from anywhere.

Many employees fill out their election material, and forget about it until next year’s enrollment, if then. Our system encourages employees to educate themselves and stay involved in their benefits. An employee can return to their login at anytime to review their plan details, and learn more about their plan if they choose.


Simply put, Benefit Credits integrates technology and simplicity into health insurance and employee benefits while eliminating the stressful, costly parts. To learn more about employee benefits system offered by Benefit Credits, please visit www.BenefitCredits.com. To see how much you can save with the Benefit Credits system, fill out our form to get a proposal at www.BenefitCredits.com/Get-a-Proposal



To learn more about Benefit Credits and how you can make Benefit Credits your employee benefits system, contact Andy Murray today, or fill out a form to receive a Benefit Credits Proposal at www.BenefitCredits.com/Get-a-Proposal.

Andy Murray 
Health Exchange Consultant
[email protected]
National: (888) 204-9058 x 2107
Direct: (608) 314-2107


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