Employers are fed up with the rising cost and complexity of group health insurance.  Each year they have to deal with the same message: “Sorry, rates are going up again.” And each year they must either bite the bullet and pay the increase or change to a different plan, typically one with a higher deductible and/or less coverage.  Either way, they aren’t happy with this confusing, time-consuming and increasingly expensive system—and neither are their employees.  If only they could offer their employees some good news for a change.

Now they can, and it’s simple: Benefit Credits. Benefit Credits is an insurance marketplace where employees can shop for their benefits online or over the phone. This video explains how Benefit Credits works for the employer, by saving them money and offering employees the power to choose their benefits: Click here to view the video.

Employers have four easy steps to offering Benefit Credits:

  1. Set aside a fixed amount of  money per employee, now called Benefit Credits

  2. Select which insurance products to offer employees on the marketplace.

  3. Direct your employees to their own online marketplace to shop for benefits.

  4. Receive one simple, consolidated bill for everyone.

Employees get to see all the options online, at their fingertips. For those who prefer a live person, our helpful and friendly licensed benefit specialists are able to assist your employees over the phone. Most importantly, they get to choose the coverage best for them.

Blackhawk Propane in South Beloit, Wis. was a company to adopt this new way of offering employee benefits. Owner, Robert Zeek, says he has witnessed its success company-wide.

“As a small business owner, I wear so many hats,” Zeek said. “Health insurance is now one thing off my table. We simplified enrollment and saved thousands of dollars. Some of our employees even gained better coverage than what they had before. They had a personal choice and ownership in their coverage.”  Better yet, it was easy!

Interested employers and insurance brokers, should go to or call Andy Murray at (608) 314-2107 to learn more.


About SASid, Inc.

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