JANESVILLE, WI – SASid, Inc. today announced the launch of JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com to help Individuals and their families shop for health insurance during 2014-2015 Open Enrollment period. JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com will provide individuals and their families access to health insurance coverage, as well as the best car insurance, as SASid, Inc. continues to uphold its mission keep health insurance shopping Simple and Smart.

“Health Insurance Reform is too complicated,” said SASid, Inc. President Shannon Kennedy. “With that in mind, we are pleased to announce JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com to help individuals and families find the answers they need in order to secure effective and affordable healthcare in today’s constantly-evolving marketplace.”

JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com is a web-based software solution that helps individuals quote, compare, and apply for health insurance products and supplements such as Accident, Dental, Short-Term Medical, Tele-Medicine, and other health insurance products that will help manage out of pocket healthcare expenses. JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com not only provides consumers the right tools to effectively shop for health insurance online and over the phone but also helps them avoid healthcare reform penalties.

JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com will include a team of dedicated customer service professionals that are available to answer any questions about Federal Subsidies, private health insurance, and general product knowledge. This 24-hour service will provide consumers expert guidance in order to help find the right solution and meet individual needs. Please call 1-855-826-0023 or visit JanesvilleHealthInsurance.com to learn more.

About SASid
Located in Janesville, WI, Simple and Smart insurance development (SASid, Inc.) is a privately held company with a solid reputation for building products and private labeling brands. Our SASid team enjoys helping people with their insurance needs and consistently providing best-in-class administrative, enrollment, billing and claims customer support. SASid is strategically looking for long term partners to grow, learn, and develop with. Let’s make insurance Simple to understand and Smart to have.

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Health Exchange Consultant
SASid, Inc.
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