Janesville, Wisconsin

March 16, 2020

The health and well-being of our customers, health care providers, and employees is our top priority. We are monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and want to assure you that we have developed a coordinated strategy across our organization to address the issue as it evolves.

As of Monday, March 16th, We have directed our employees to work from home until further notice. As a result of our preparation, our staff will be able to assist our customers with the same level of standards that are guaranteed with our partners.  As of March 17, we have fully transitioned to work from home and are able to practice social distancing.  

We are encouraging our customers to self-serve through various online portals.

Our business continuity and crisis management plans have the ability to integrate customized pandemic planning protocols into our organization’s overall business continuity and allows SASid and InsuranceTPA.com to be resilient in this time of crisis.

Based on our pandemic disaster planning and response times, our teams have the skills and experience required to implement disaster planning and response strategies as well as assess performance and refine procedures in situations such as pandemic planning or any disaster event.

Pandemic planning, testing, and regular reviews of effectiveness have allowed us to meet, and exceed, the needs of our partners and customers alike.

With our technology and security measures in place, we are able to meet the goals of our partners and maintain essential operations during times of these disaster type situations. 

We are currently meeting our service levels in Customer Service and Claims Processing. 

Current performance levels:(March 23, 2020)

  •         81% call response time in 3 minutes or less
  •         Claims backlog is 27 days inventory or less

Please note that we are working with the state-issued guidelines to extend grace periods and processing guidelines provided by our partners.

We will:

  •         Continue to process claims and any claim payments will remain a top priority to process promptly.
  •         Ensure Customer Service Representatives are available for member calls during our normal hours of operation.
  •         Customers can also email us with inquiries that will be handled by customer service teams.

Stay safe, everyone!

SASid Team


Insurance can be complex and confusing; at SASid our passion is to combat this notion. In fact, our name is an acronym for “Smart and Simple insurance development” and we work hard to live up to it.

SASid’s mission is to build, market, and administrate niche health and supplemental insurance products and systems which help people; to create insurance products and technologies which are simple to understand, quote, purchase and smart to have.  Founded in 1998, SASid Inc. is privately held and has been awarded numerous awards for business growth. More information is available at www.SASid.com.